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Adrian Parpalita – CPA,CMA


Founder of Fintactik, Adrian is a professional accountant with more than ten years of experience in the private sector, including real estate development, tourism, audio – visual and consulting firms. After completing the Strategic Leadership Program of CMA Québec, he was quickly entrusted to become head of every accounting department of the companies he was working for.  Throughout his career, he has played a key role in the success of many business leaders and managers. His extensive experience, valuable knowledge and efficiency continue to be at the heart of every professional relationship he engages in.


Fintactik is dedicated to helping small and medium organizations grow and improve their business efficiently providing financial and management accounting services designed according to the complexity of your organisation. With our sharp costing, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting techniques, we provide our clients with the essential knowledge to streamline their activities and achieve their goals. Our commitment to providing timely and accurate results, accommodating support, and service flexibility help our clients make the best decisions to ensure their success. We look forward to sharing our values and experience with you and make your business thrive.

“We know that there are a lot of professional accounting firms on the market to choose from. Fintactik is so easy to reach and so flexible with their schedule that you really feel they are there for you. This is what makes them different. In fact, I don’t remember leaving a voice mail message more than once or twice and when that happened didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get a call back. This is something that they successfully put on top of their proactive approach. Speaking of which, I have been pleasingly surprised when Fintactik took the initiative and came up with industry information which helped us view our business in a different context, reveal areas of improvement and set up new targets.
Working with Fintactik feels like an extension of our business and this is something very valuable to us.”

VIOIVA Management

“As a start-up company we needed advice with registration and various aspects of federal and provincial compliance. At first, we tried to do this by ourselves but despite the fact that the process seemed pretty simple we got tangled-up in terminology and technicalities which made us feel insecure.
After losing a first business opportunity because we did not get our registration in time, we started to look for professional help. As we were looking for recommendations, Fintactik came up on a short list.
When negotiating its offer, Fintactik empathised with our business situation and proved very flexible and accommodating regarding our requirements. Prompt and clear answers, structured and well organised approach followed by fast action made us entrust our accounting to their team.
When asked to evaluate a franchise opportunity, Fintactik prepared in a timely manner a multiple scenario analysis helping us understand and visualize cash flow impact and investment profitability. With their support, we made our decision fast and easy.
Fintactik proved to care about our business and earned our trust in a very short time.”

MARGUN Management



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